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Past Webinars

The National Association of Emergency and Fire Officials (NAEFO) sponsors webinars and conferences to inform emergency services officials on national issues and topics and also to foster the interchange ideas among emergency services officials and among other government and related organizations.

Relevant events held by other organizations are also included for informational purposes. All events are in Pacific Time, unless noted otherwise.

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Drs. Brittany S. Hollerbach and Sara A. Jahnke

Risks of the Job: State of Science on Health and Safety of Women Emergency Responders

While health research for emergency responders has experienced exponential growth over the past decade, the published literature has focused almost exclusively on males. The lack of data on how emergency services impacts women has been hypothesized to negatively impact recruitment, retention, and job satisfaction. Particularly lacking are details about female-specific health concerns (e.g. reproductive cancers, reproductive health, discrimination, and harassment).

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