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Caught in the Middle: Emergency Services Response During Civil Unrest

Smoke-filled street with car on fire and people walking in the shadows

Check here to watch the September 16, 2020 webinar or download the slides from the webinar.

When peaceful protests take over the streets and demonstrations turn violent, leading to arson and injuries, emergency service organizations are called to respond alongside law enforcement. These situations create challenging questions about how to fulfill the department mission while protecting firefighters and equipment.

Join Lexipol and the International Association of Fire Chiefs for an inside look at fire department response on the front lines of civil unrest—including Seattle, New York City and Atlanta—and learn how your emergency services organization can be better prepared.

You’ll learn:

  • Issues that prevented responders from accessing areas where they were needed
  • Strategies for communicating effectively between leaders and rank-and-file and setting organizational-wide operational and professional expectations
  • Tactics for keeping responders safe while responding to potentially violent situations
  • How emergency service organization can take an active role in confronting racial injustice while still supporting law enforcement

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