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COVID-19 Relief Access Preparation

The American Rescue Plan act passed in March creates opportunities for special districts, such as ambulance, fire, EMS, and emergency services districts, to receive funds to offset the impact of the international pandemic. Districts need to take steps now to prepare as guidelines are issued for distribution of billions of federal dollars for COVID relief.

Cole Karr, Federal Advocacy Coordinator for the National Special Districts Coalition, will share insights in an important one-hour webinar to discuss these important topics:

  • Overview of American Rescue Plan programs for emergency services districts.
  • Deeper dive: State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds: How to access funding, eligible uses, regulatory outlook (what to expect on federal guidance), and a touch on how ARP fiscal recovery funds differ from FEMA Public Assistance programs. 
  • Best practices to advocate at the state and local level for access to relief funds. (materials will be provided)
  • Best practices to demonstrate COVID-related fiscal needs.

Click here for a recodring of the webinar, here for Cole's presentation, and here for additional information provided during the webinar.

Click here to register for the May 22nd webinar reviewing the final guidelines that were actually issued.

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