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A New In-Building Funding Approach: Increasing Radio Coverage While Decreasing Building Owner Expense

Firefighter with helment, back of a police officer, and soldier with automatic weapon

Check here for a recording of this September 24, 2020 webinar.

A greater number of municipalities across the nation are enacting in-building radio ordinances to address public safety radio coverage for new building construction. These ordinances require building owners to invest in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) but fail to address radio coverage challenges in existing buildings, major events at a building incapacitating the DAS and the overall costs to the building owner.

Bonita Springs, Florida Fire Control and Rescue District took a new approach to solve public-safety radio coverage by leveraging the state building code to provide building owners a cost-efficient option in lieu of installing a DAS. Building owners could instead choose a one-time contribution to the wireless enhancement fund. The wireless enhancement fund is used to purchase vehicular repeaters to provide in-building coverage for new building construction while at the same time providing coverage for existing buildings.

Participants will be provided valuable insight into how their agencies can:

1. Apply and devise alternative ordinances to address public safety in-building coverage
2. Understand the use of vehicular repeaters for in-building coverage
3. Discover ways to mitigate risks for first responders

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