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The policies of the National Association of Emergency and Officials (NAEFO) are the principles, rules, and guidelines adopted to fulfill its Strategic Plan as well as influence and determine major decisions and activities taken by NAEFO's members, Officers, Board of Directors, and Staff.

Policy 1 - Governance of Policies

Policy 2 - Amending and Repealing Bylaws  (click here to find out more about the Bylaws)

Policy 3 - Partnerships and Agreements  (click here to see the NAEFO Partners!)

Policy 4 - Credentials

Policy 5 - Committee Chairs and Members and Authority of Committees (click here for the Standing Committees)

Policy 6 - Protection of Records

Policy 7 - Check Approval and Signing

Policy 8 - Event Cancellation

Policy 9 - Sponsorship Guidelines  (click here to see the NAEFO Sponsors!)

Policy 10 - Annual Membership Dues (click here to join NAEFO!)

Policy 11 - Website Privacy Policy

Policy 12 - Educational Presenter Remuneration (Draft)

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