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Risks of the Job: State of Science on Health and Safety of Women Emergency Responders

Drs. Brittany S. Hollerbach and Sara A. Jahnke
Drs. Brittany S. Hollerbach and Sara A. Jahnke

Click here for a recording of this October 17, 2020 webinar (use naefo-20201017 for the access passcode) or click here for the webinar presentation.

While health research for emergency responders has experienced exponential growth over the past decade, the published literature has focused almost exclusively on males. The lack of data on how emergency services impacts women has been hypothesized to negatively impact recruitment, retention, and job satisfaction. Particularly lacking are details about female-specific health concerns (e.g. reproductive cancers, reproductive health, discrimination, and harassment).

The low number of and difficulty accessing women in emergency services has resulted in almost no information on female emergency responders, despite evidence that significant gender-specific health concerns exist. Emergency services leadership and health care professionals have no data on which to base important decisions about how to protect the health and safety of women in their emergency services organizations. We will discuss findings from our current research and present suggestions impacting policy and practice.

Join Drs. Sara Jahnke and Brittany Hollerbach for a discussion on these key topics:

  • Overview of women in emergency services
  • Comparative analysis of the health of male and female emergency responders
  • Reproductive health concerns among women emergency responders
  • Current rates of discrimination and harassment experienced by female emergency responders
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