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Financial Mismanagement: The Other Smoldering Fire

Smoldering smoke

Check here for the presentation of this January 30, 2021 webinar.

When we think about mitigating risk for responders and emergency services organizations, our mind typically goes to incident safety, rapid-intervention teams, mayday training and other emergency issues where we seek to protect responders from the risk of injury and death. Exciting, right?

But there there’s one glaring issue missing from this list that poses a significant threat to emergency services organizations: financial mismanagement. Sure, not as sexy a topic, but take a few minutes to focus on this incredible risk blind spot facing all emergency services organizations.

This webinar is provided by Attorney Scott Eskwitt with Lexipol, America's leading provider of public safety policy and training solutions for law enforcement, fire and rescue, and corrections.

Questions about this webinar? Contact Lexipol.

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