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Stay in Your Lane!: Chief-Board Relations

Chart showing the three branches of government in the Unites States of America--the judicial, legislative, and executive branches
The Three Branches of Government in the USA

 During this presentation, participants will have the opportunity to hear about how the concepts of the United States three branches of government and the checks and balances of a three-branch government can be applied to emergency services organizations.

Participants will hear that while Chief-Board relationships sometimes feels like a highway with two-way traffic headed in opposite directions and destinations, such relationships should be more like a one-way highway with two lanes of traffic headed in the same direction of reaching the same destination.

Participants will review the unique roles and responsibilities for board members and chief officers as well as some shared roles and responsibilities that if not properly maneuvered can end up in chaos similar to a major pile up on a highway when everyone crashed into each other instead of staying in their respective lanes of traffic.

And finally, participants will also hear ideas on how to avoid the judicial branch of government from having to exercise its checks and balances on the legislative and executive branches of providing emergency services.

This presentation in the appropriate environment and with good ground rules can be enhanced with facilitated discussions about the concepts and nuances of the presentation.  This presentation also can be integrated into a single presentation that includes concepts from the Effective Leadership Team presentation.

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