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An Effective Leadership Team: The Chief and Board Working Together

People sitting at a long table having a discussion with paperwork on the table in front of each person.
The Chief and Board Working Together

During this presentation, participants will have an opportunity to hear about chief officers and the organization's governing board working together to ensure an effective leadership team that serves the organization's patrons despite the unique perspectives and responsibilities of the two components of the leadership team. 

Participants will hear symptoms that ultimately can be sometimes attributed to an ineffective leadership team. Participants will review the leadership team expectations and responsibilities of individual board members since sometimes an ineffective leadership team can be traced back to individual or a small group of board members. 

Participants will also review the leadership team expectations and responsibilities of a chief officer or small group of chief officers. And finally, participants will learn on techniques to prevent and unfortunately deal with rogue board members and chief officers.

This presentation in the appropriate environment and with good ground rules can be enhanced with facilitated discussions about the concepts and nuances of the presentation. This presentation also can be integrated into a single presentation that includes concepts from the Stay in Your Lane! presentation.

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