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Saving More Than Just Lives in Your Community

Man in white shirt fire chief's uniform standing in front of a fire truck
Skip Starling, National Fire Service Organization Director


An emergency services organization like a fire district will on average only provide direct services to about 1% of its population; however, about 87% of homeowners and businesses buy hazard insurance on their homes and busineses.

Therefore, leaders of emergency services organizations need to  understand their community's ISO® Public Protection Classification (PPC) rating so that it can improve the PPC rating to save their community tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars EVERY YEAR!

Most community leaders deal with an ISO® PPC audit only once in their career, if at all, so they can’t possibly be expected to understand the complexities of the ISO® PPC auditing process.

Even if a community leader has been through an audit, the rules change all the time. The criteria of an ISO® PPC audit from 10 years ago are much different than they are today. 

The fact that over half of all communities in the U.S. are rated a class 7 or worse demonstrates how widely misunderstood the ISO® PPC.

National Fire Service Organization's Skip Starling, started out as a firefighter in Guyton, Ga. more than 30 years ago. Skip worked his way up through the ranks, serving as a paid Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, Public Safety Director and Emergency Management Director. During his career, Skip acquired an understanding of the impact that a Fire Department's PPC rating has on a community's property insurance premiums. He realized through his own experience as a Fire Chief that the ISO® audit was very complex and widely misunderstood. He discovered that the majority of fire departments in the country had poor PPC ratings and reasoned that it was because of the complexity of the ISO® test along with the fact that Fire Chiefs have very little experience with ISO® in the course of their career, so they are ill-prepared when ISO® comes calling. Skip saw there was a problem but also envisioned a solution. He set out on a mission to gain a better understanding of the ISO® auditing process and through years of diligent study and research, Skip ultimately developed what has become an unequaled knowledge and understanding of the ISO® audit.

This journey led him to eventually create the National Fire Services Office, a company who's sole mission is to help communities score the best they can on the ISO® audit. NFSO now deals with ISO® issues every day and oversees at least a hundred inspections per year. Over the past 17 years communities across America have greatly benefited from the service that NFSO provides.


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