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NAEFO Applauds House Passage of Fire Grants and Safety Act

Black and white photo of the US Capitol Building under a cloudy sky.

The U.S. House took final action to reauthorize funding for significant federal programs for the nation’s local emergency services though 2030, and funding through 2028.

S. 870, the Fire Grants and Safety Act, is heading back to the Senate for final consideration following the House’s 393-13-1 vote.

NAEFO submitted its support of S. 870 to House leadership in an April 30 letter on behalf of its emergency services district/organization members to Senate leadership ahead of the vote. Read the letter here.

The House-amended and passed version of the bill legislation ensures funding is re-authorized for the Assistance to Firefighter Grant (AFG), Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER), and U.S. Fire Administration programming through 2028 with full program sunset in 2030. While AFG and SAFER programs’ funding ceilings would remain flat compared current funding levels, the U.S. Fire Administration’s ceiling would increase 24.1 percent relative to current funding.

Click here to view the roll call vote for S. 870. Did your representative vote yes? Call their office, say thanks, and introduce your district.

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