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List of 28 States with Governmental Emergency Services Organizations without State Associations

There are 28 states with governmental emergency services organizations at the local level, but without State Associations of these organizations. The numbers in parenthesis after the state name indicate the unverified number of districts providing emergency services according the U.S. Census Bureau.

Alabama (13)                  Michigan (24)                      Oklahoma (27)

Arkansas (73)                  Minnesota (9)                     Rhode Island (310

Connecticut (65)             Mississippi (30)                  South Carolina (64)

Georgia                            Nebraska (413)                   South Dakota (80)

Indiana                             Nevada (15)                         Tennessee

Iowa (60)                          New Hampshire (14)          Vermont (16)

Kansas                             New Mexico                        West Virginia

Kentucky (151)                North Carolina                     Wyoming

Louisiana                         North Dakota (275)

Massachusetts (11)         Ohio (116)

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