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Arreola-Karr Selected to Serve as NAEFO Executive Director

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Cole Arreola-Karr, NAEFO Executive Director

The National Association of Emergency and Fire Officials (NAEFO) has tapped Cole Arreola-Karr to lead the Association as its Executive Director.

Arreola-Karr joins NAEFO on contract through his sole proprietorship, Karr Advocacy Strategies, and brings more than five years of advocacy specifically for special districts and six years prior of congressional and state legislative experience.

“Advancement of the nation’s special districts is the core mission of Karr Advocacy, and I am excited to deliver the spirit of this mission to the nation’s fire, ambulance, and emergency service district boards with the National Association of Emergency and Fire Officials,” said Arreola-Karr. “Through collaborative efforts, NAEFO will further empower our local district leaders to confidently lead delivery of essential services in their communities, and we will continue to secure broader understanding among federal partners on the significance.”

NAEFO’s Board of Directors approved Arreola-Karr to fill the position in April. In the time ahead primary focuses will be to develop program opportunities, to increase engagement and participation at NAEFO’s annual conference this September, and to elevate the association’s national advocacy profile.

Monte Olsen, who served as NAEFO’s Executive Director for six years, continues his leadership in the Association as NAEFO Secretary/Treasurer. NAEFO is grateful for his past and ongoing dedication to the organization.

"We are excited to have Cole Arreola-Karr/Karr Advocacy serving as our Executive Director of NAEFO!” said Bruce Suenram, NAEFO President. “I would like to personally thank Monte Olson for his service as the Executive Director along with his duties as Secretary/Treasurer of NAEFO. NAEFO looks forward to increasing our impact and effectiveness with special districts providing emergency services.

More than 6,000 special districts, and counting, deliver emergency response services to millions of Americans in rural, suburban, and urban communities across 40 states. This sector of special district services is the largest among the many types of special districts providing essential services to the nation.

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