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Using Your District's Website for Citizen Interaction

Signs with social media functions such as Like, Share, and Chat

You'll definitely want to hear the information provided in this webinar!

11:30 am Eastern ● 10:30 am Central ● 9:30 am Mountain ● 8:30 am Pacific

Learn how important and easy it is to use a website and other social media to interact with your citizens.

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This webinar is presented by NAEFO Partner Streamline

Maria Lara is the Community Manager for Streamline--an online communication and collaboration tools provider for special districts.

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Coming from a medical background in San Francisco, Maria's previous work includes clinical and laboratory research, web development, marketing, and project coordination. Previously, at the University of California, San Francisco, Maria led the National Institutes of Health RO1 study called the Developmental Epidemiological Study of Children born through Reproductive Technology. She also started a nutrition program for the Glide Foundation and served on the board for Sacramento’s local Imani Clinic. Her goal to support technological advances for local government and health care systems.
When Maria is not working, you can find her exploring Sacramento with her puppy, Kaya, learning new ways to work out and stay fit.

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